Swithback trail on Mount-Si trail

Explore - Capitol Hill, SEATTLE

Matthew Konsmo - 2019

For this cheat day, I went to the Capitol Hill neighborhood to grab burgers at Dicks Drive-In, ice cream at Molly Moon’s Ice Cream, tacos at Tacos Chukis, and browse books at the Elliot Bay Bookstore. Learn more and explore Capitol Hill. READ MORE

Swithback trail on Mount-Si trail

Mount Si Trail - Washington State

Matthew Konsmo - 2019

45 mins from Seattle you will find one of the best hikes in the PNW. The trail is popular and it can be crowded. Something like 100,000 people hike the trail each year.  This is what you need to know.

Matthew Konsmo running on trail on Greenlake, Washington

GREENLAKE - Washington State

Matthew Konsmo - 2019

Green lake is only six miles from downtown Seattle, so you can get there by a quick Uber ride if you’re in town for the weekend and need a good spot to run. The running path is about 3 miles around the lake. Hit up Retreat after for a legendary avocado toast.

Matthew Konsmo walking down street in Men's underwear

Matthew Konsmo


People are interested in why I started a clothing company. My answer is that I had it all, I lost it all, and I am trying to gain it all back. Let me tell you the story. READ MORE

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