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When it is summer, I like to get outside whenever it is sunny, even on just a regular week day at home. This morning I went for a run near my house in Seattle and it was wonderful. Sometimes you have to realize that simple runs are some of the best runs. And sometimes you have to realize being close to home creates a good feeling. I live near the Green lake area and I had a free morning, so I got up early and spent some time around Roosevelt and Green lake and I went for a run. I also went to Whole Foods in Roosevelt Square and Retreat on Green lake Way.

Green Lake Info Grpahic
Dock overlooking Seattle's Green lake.

Summer Run

I walked up to the Whole Foods Market in Roosevelt Square. I really like their coffee and I enjoy walking up Roosevelt Avenue to wake up and buy a double espresso and start my day. I grabbed a bottle of water and a double espresso and walked around Whole Foods for a while. I browsed the Health & Body section, which I always do. I’m always looking for new products, tips, possibilities. Since it is summer, I’ve been out in the sun a lot, and my face is very tan. I don’t like using sun screen because the contents of the sun screen are soaked up by your body. Even natural products seem like they are not the best. I must admit that I need to do more research on natural sun screens to find something that is healthy for me. Today, I was thinking I could find some lotion or some other product. I settled on Rosewater spray. I have read that it has many anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics. It takes away redness and it soothes skin. My thinking is that it’s a good product to provide some comfort from the sun. It might not be preventative of sun damage, but I do think it manages some of the after-effects of being in the sun. And I made another mental note to do more research on some natural sun screen products. With all of these thoughts going on, I remembered to grab a bottle of water to hydrate before my run.

Matthew Konsmo getting shoes on for run around Green LakeA tree along the Green Lake path

Konsmo stretching quad before run

On my way out of Whole Foods to walk toward Green lake, I noticed they have a Next Level Burger, which I really want to try sometime in the future. Whole Foods calls it “America's first 100% plant-based burger joint.” I’m very interested in exploring plant-based diets. I’ve never been a vegetarian, but I appreciate the idea, and I’ve been focused on increasing my use of vegetables while decreasing my use of meat, all with good results. On a general level, I try to avoid too much red meat, especially beef, though I have to admit that I enjoy it. I’m just trying to be disciplined about my diet, and from what I have read, red meat is not the best for men, especially men over 35 years old. It’s probably not the best strategy to eat red meat too regularly, so I limit meals with red meat to once or twice a week, at most. I’m becoming more intrigued by plant-based diets, too. The beauty of markets like Whole Foods and PCC Community Markets is that we have complete control of our diets. It’s just a matter of discipline, preparation, and commitment. Discipline is always an ongoing battle.

Whole Foods Market
Roosevelt Square
1026 NE 64th Street
Seattle, WA 98115

Matthew Konsmo running a dirt trail in Green Lake


It’s about a mile or so from my neighborhood to Green lake. It’s a great walk. I cross under the freeway on Ravenna Boulevard, which is a cool walk because all of the concrete support columns holding up the freeway are painted yellow, which creates this great golden glow as you walk through. Then I walk down into the cafes, restaurants, bike shops, and other business down by Green lake. I pick up the trail next to the basketball courts and boathouses and go for a run around the lake.

Green lake is an interesting place, especially for an urban park. I appreciate urban parks more and more, especially with my kids. It’s important to have green spaces, and I wish we had more of them. Green lake is a freshwater lake that was made by glaciers many thousands of years ago. In order to fit into the space, it’s been re-shaped by humans over and over throughout its existence. but it has always had algae blooms that make the water look green, and that’s where it gets its name.  

Map of Green Lake running trailGreen Lake sign of activities
Matthew Konsmo sitting on park bench overlooking Green Lake


Green lake is only six miles from downtown Seattle, so you can get there by a quick Uber ride if you’re in town for the weekend and need a good spot to run. The running path is about 3 miles around the lake. This morning I made one loop, passing trees and ducks and families and all sorts of runners. The track is good because much of it is crushed gravel, which I prefer over pavement. Still, I make sure that I have good shoes. I wore my Asics Gel , which are my favorite shoes. I just purchased the Nimbus 21, which is probably my tenth pair of this series. I think the gel sole lasts longer than some of the other soles by other makers. At the very least, when this shoe is new, I think it’s the best shoe for running on pavement and gravel path in the city.

Green lake Park

7201 East Green Lake Drive North
Seattle, WA 98115

Asics Gel Nimbus 21

Boat with the word EPICGreen Lake Park architecture
Green Lake sign of rules and mapsMatthew Konsmo stretching quad on dirt path by Green Lake


After my run I was hungry and I went into Retreat, a newer coffee shop and café that has great food. I ordered a coffee and avocado toast. Their avocado toast might be the best in the entire city. They use bread from Sea Wolf Bakery, the avocados are cut fresh, and they add salt, pepper, hemp seeds, olive oil, and micro greens. Some people like to add tomato, bacon, or eggs to their avocado toast. It’s the perfect light meal after a run. But, the real reason I wanted to sit the in big windows at Retreat was that I had a bunch of great ideas that I wanted to write down after my run. I had to borrow some paper and a pen to make some notes. I don’t like carrying extra stuff when I run. I like my mind and body to be free from any constraints or worries or burdens. This helps my mind to wander through creative ideas. The problem is—and this is a good problem to have—is that a free mind creates a lot of ideas that I do not want to lose and I need to write them down immediately.

Retreat location

90 East Green lake Way North
Seattle, WA 98115
206) 694-3045 

Retreat restaurant sign
Avocado taste from RetreatMatthew Konsmo sitting at Retreat restaurantMatthew Konsmo ending his run

Some of the notes I put to paper were lists of new products I want to research. As I get older, there are things I need to do to stay disciplined. Discipline creates good health, especially now when I can’t splurge on junk food or bad meals. And when I run, I need more time to recover. These are things you just need to know and get acquainted with, but the good news is that there are so many new products that it is easy to make simple adjustments or big changes. 

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