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Guide on How Not to Get Sick at the Gym:

Coronavirus has changed the world. It will change our day-to-day lives going forward. Some of these changes will be very positive and helpful—and, frankly, they are way overdue. For example, there will be many changes that will affect our gym experience. If we navigate these properly we will not let the coronavirus affect our gains. Let’s explore ways to survive the cesspool germ factory. These tips are meant to help minimize your exposure to germs and harmful things that live in the gym while still allowing you to hit the gym and expand your gains. 

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How To Measure Your Waist Size

Knowing your waist size by numerical measurement will help you get the correct size and fit when purchasing men's underwear online or any other e-commerce purchase. It's effortless to take an accurate measurement of your waist, then use those numbers to compare to each company's sizing chart to make a great purchase.

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