Bench on M-Trail overlooking valley.


Bench on M-Trail overlooking valley.


Rattlesnake lake, Washington in the Summer.

On the start of one of my road trips from Seattle to Bozeman, I stopped by rattlesnake lake for a 2-mile one-way hike. A quick 45 min drive from Seattle on I-90 gets you to this short rather easy hike. Rattlesnake ledge trail is close to another classic hike Mount Si, being around 15 mins away. Rattlesnake ledge trail is a rather easy hike with a few switchbacks. The trek ascends 1,160 feet over two miles. After my mass was removed and almost 100Lb on my weightless journey, I visited this hike frequently see my story. It is lightly hiked during off-hours, and I have had this mountain all to myself on numerous hikes. It was a great place to hike and trail run to lose weight and regain my health both mentally and physically.

The lure of this hike is the ease of available parking, how close it is to Seattle and the other fun activities and places to explore, I put two restaurants on both sides of the mountain for you to check out at the bottom of the article

Large boulder along the Rattlesnake ledge trail.
Welcome sign at the start of the Rattlesnake Ledge trail.Rattlesnake MTN Trail sign.


At the base of the trail is Rattlesnake lake. It is a beautiful small lake that people go small boating, kayaking, and even some swimmers. It’s an odd lake. Numerous large tree trunks can be seen in the lake when the water recedes. It’s a top spot for photoshoots and Instagrammers taking shots for the gram. If you need some shots for the gram, hit the lake, and then the ledge at the top of the hike, both are epic. Tag #konsmohike or send me a pic, I need one for this story of the top ridge as I was so into the view I forgot to snap a shot.

Groomed trail with trees on Rattlesnake ledge trail.

Rattlesnake ledge Groomed Trail

Curvy trail on Rattlesnake Ledge.

Rattlesnake ledge hike is a simple and relatively quick hike. The path is well-groomed and easy to walk. It does get rainy in the fall, winter, and spring, so bring your raincoat to make sure its gore tech. It can, at times, get icy periodically, so be prepared to bring those spikes along, but you should be able to manage without the spikes. The trail is thick with large trees and forest and is beautifully green. The crown jewel is at the top of the ledge. The views are unreal, so unreal in fact that I forgot even to take a picture.

Rattlesnake ledge trail with trees.

Rattlesnake ledge trail-run

View of Rattlesnake lake from the Rattlesnake Ledge trail.

This trail is an excellent place to trail-run, and you will see numerous runners making the run-up and back down. After the ascent up the hill, many decide to venture to the Rattlesnake Lake Trail, which runs along one side of the lake and is roughly 1.4 miles.

Small boulders along the Rattlesnake Ledge trail.Tree in the middle of the Rattlesnake Ledge trail.

Pre game: Issaquah coffee Co

Pre-game hike must include coffee and some breakfast in Issaquah. Issaquah coffee CO. It is the go-to. This little coffee shop is consistently busy in the summer with bicyclists and locals soaking up the rare sunlight that the Seattle area gets. They have outdoor seating, and it’s quiet and fun. I’m from Seattle can you tell I’m bitter about the grey? Wintertime, this place gets packed as it’s a pre-game or post-game for skiers going to ski Snoqualmie pass. They have breakfast sandwiches, pie, pastries, coffee, and a badass nitro brew for psychos (including me) who crave large amounts of caffeine — one of the best coffee shops in the Seattle area. Do to my blood sugar level exploding after my weight gain and surgery, I do not eat in the morning. Instead, I do my own version of butter in coffee to control my blood sugar in the morning. I did the nitro dark brew coffee and a small swig of fish oil after my morning apple cider vinegar (with the mother). 

Issaquah coffee sign.
Issaquah coffee sign and a cup of nitro cold brew.
Issaquah blackboard sign.
Boulder in the middle of the Rattlesnake Ledge trail.

Post game: Los Chilangos

I have a small fascination with street tacos, and Los Chilangos is just plain awesome. Los Chilangos Food Truck check them out on facebook. They have lovely Carne aside and chicken tacos. Fresh vegetables and very spicy salsa to die for. The people that work there have always have good attitudes. It can be a little bit of a wait if you hit it at a busy hit. Afterward, hit up the fruit market, and if it’s the summer crush, the local and world-famous cherries.

Rattlesnake Ledge peak.
Rattlesnake lake in the summer.Rattlesnake lake in the late summer months.Tree forest on the Rattlesnake Ledge trail.
View of the Peak of Rattlesnake lake through trees.
Rattlesnake lake and the view of the peak of Rattlesnake Ledge.


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