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I have a weekend ritual. It’s simple. I get coffee, I go to spin class, I get a great meal. And it sets the weekend on the right path. It punctuates the week. It takes away all stress from work and helps me forget everything except myself, which is selfish, just for a moment, yet very healthy. On Saturday morning, my routine is to get up early and go to Bellevue for espresso at Third Culture Coffee, for a ride at Soul Cycle BLVU, and for breakfast at Whole Foods Market in Bellevue.

Morning Caffeine Pre-game at Third Culture Coffee in Bellevue

I got up early on a Saturday morning and drove to Bellevue for a spin class session. However, first, I needed coffee. I knew a side street that always has parking in Bellevue, no matter how busy the city is. Early in the morning, I quickly found a parking spot. The real secret to this spot is that it was close to Third Culture Coffee. They opened early, and I went for a double espresso to get caffeinated before my ride. I needed a boost. There was no one in the coffee shop beside me and the barista, so I found a table and meditated quietly. I cleared my mind. I set some goals for the ride and for the day and for the weekend. This is part of my routine. I find that if I make some firm commitments for the weekend, I will make sure that I hold onto those commitments. I like to be disciplined. I don’t like to be lazy. Making sure I exercise is more mental than physical. For me, proper physical exercise begins with a thought in my mind to build a stronger body. When I build a healthy body, I can build a sharp mind — more details on there amazing assortments of drinks at the bottom of the page.

Third Culture Coffee 


Spin Class at Soul Cycle BLVU 

I signed up for an early morning session at Soul Cycle in Downtown Bellevue across from Bellevue Square. Soul Cycle is a spin class that lasts about 45 minutes with an instructor and music and everything. It is intense. The instructor coaches you through a series of movements and rides during the time. I always get there early because I like the entire routine of arriving, finding a locker, storing my stuff, stretching, and setting up my bike. When I get there early, and there isn’t a class in front of me, I always have maybe five minutes to ride to get warmed up physically and mentally. My instructor, this time, was Chelsea W., and she was awesome. Her choice of music was excellent, a little Eminem, and Elton John, and Beyonce, among others. I liked her positive encouragement as she led us through hills and sprints and weights. She made the room feel like a positive community that was supportive, confident, enjoyable. She also made me feel like a healthy individual. Most importantly, I was physically spent. Exhausted. And mentally, I felt great.



Whole Foods Market in Bellevue

After I go through spin class at Soul Cycle, I am always so hungry. I need immediate nourishment. Yet I don’t want anything heavy. I drove down to Whole Foods to see what I could find. I went with almond butter and an apply and an avocado, my routine meal. I also bought two boiled eggs from the hot bar. And a big bottle of water. That’s all familiar, easy, simple, clean food. I ate inside the store. Then I went into the Whole Body section of the store and looked through the WHAT. I liked the mental feeling I was having this morning. For me, this combination of physical exercise and good nutrition and positive thinking is a collection that builds mindfulness. Basically, I am trying to see each part of my health in a simple way. Mind and body and Nutrition, all relying on each other to improve, train, succeed, build, and more.



ARTICLE WRITTEN BY: Michael konsmo

Michael Konsmo is Director of College and Career Readiness at Central Wyoming College (CWC) where he oversees the Adult Education program, the High School Equivalency program, and the ESL program in Jackson, Riverton, Lander, Dubois, and Thermopolis. The High School Equivalency program in Fremont county serves the Wind River Reservation, including many students from the Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone groups. The ESL program in Jackson, Wyoming, serves many Latinx students in Teton County, including many students who have moved to the region from Tlaxcala, Mexico. Michael Konsmo is formerly a Professor of English at Northwest College (NWC) in Powell, Wyoming.

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